About Career Counselor

Mr. Shrinivas Balaraju serves as the Founder and CEO of Smart Sutra and Smart Career Goals, holding an M.Tech degree in Mechanical Engineering. With a background as an Engineer and former athlete, he has seamlessly transitioned into roles encompassing career counseling, soft skills training, and expertise in competitive exams. Commencing his professional journey as an Engineer at Jindal Steels, he subsequently assumed the position of a professor across three esteemed colleges until 2016.

Fueled by his passion for education, Mr. Shrinivas embarked on establishing his own training institute specializing in Soft Skills and Competitive exams. In collaboration with his team, he diligently guided students toward realizing their aspirations. His teaching approach is characterized by a profound commitment to simplifying complex concepts.

Our team leader, Shrinivas, boasts an impressive decade-long tenure dedicated to the realms of education and career guidance. His teaching acumen has been recognized through a series of accolades, including the recent distinction of the Innovative Educator Award.

Additionally, he extends a franchise model aimed at empowering educators to construct their coaching brands. Through this initiative, teachers can impart knowledge, foster collaboration with local colleges, and secure a consistent and rewarding income stream.